"Pelican Spirit" - Giclee Print 24" x 16"

"Pelican Spirit" - Giclee Print 24" x 16"



About the Print:

“Pelican Spirit”

Dimensions: 24” x 16”

Print Quality: Printed using museum quality techniques with archival inks on 100% cotton rag paper.

Limited Edition Collector’s Item: This is a limited edition print of 50 that are signed, numbered, and dated. Additionally, each print is hand-embellished with gold-leaf, creating a personalized touch! Once these prints are sold they will not be printed again!

Artist Statement:

This piece was first created as a large-scale custom commission, which is a month long process where I work with a client to learn their life story and then illustrate their spirit-narrative through a symbolic drawing.

“Pelican Spirit” is the story of a family’s honoring of their mother through the symbol of the pelican. On her back grows her love the Redwoods, while her “Mama Bear” spirit watches over her three sons who fly free overhead. Her lover’s presence is illustrated through the fourth pelican flying over a branch of monarch butterflies stemming from her beak. Together they watch over and protect the incubation of the last monarch chrysalis, the Divine Mystery of Love and Ongoing Becoming.

While this piece is an illustration for a specific family, it has the power to touch any viewer. These signs and symbols are from the realm of the collective unconscious, born into the universal language of creative imagery through art.

Spend some time with this piece and perhaps its elements will speak to you from the depths and corners of your spirit almost forgotten.

May you remember.

May you find your light.

This original work is 36” x 40”, created using pen and ink, watercolor, India ink, and gold leaf.

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