Marissa Quinn is a full time artist currently working out of her hometown in a studio bungalow on the coast in San Diego, California where she first learned to live in connection with the sea and marine cycles. After spending seven years in art school in Los Angeles, Quinn obtained both her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and her Master's Degree in Fine Art (MFA) from Azusa Pacific University, where she concentrated her studies on researching, painting, and drawing extinct and/or endangered flora and fauna.

In 2014 Quinn landed a solo exhibition at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California, launching her into a full time career as an artist. After working in collaboration with environmental researchers from across the country, Quinn's studies lead her back to sea where she now illustrates stories of marine growth and degradation while collaborating with oceanic conservation groups including Lonely Whale, Surfrider Foundation, Keiko Conservation, and Changing Tides Foundation.

Her work is currently in several galleries and locally curated spaces between San Diego and Los Angeles including Sparks Gallery, Copa Vida, and Flower Pepper Gallery. Quinn is currently working on a book called, "The Rewild(her)'s Journey" which is an illustrated account of her solo travels researching the coastline from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada through the National Parks. She is now preparing work for an upcoming show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena in July, and for KAABOO San Diego in September. Additionally, Quinn is growing her portfolio as a mural artist, with works in several locations throughout the country.

You can follow Quinn's journey daily through her Instagram account and blog!