"Manifestation through Incubation" (Print)

"Manifestation through Incubation" (Print)


8” x 10”

Black and white print on heavy- weight recycled paper.

This piece was first created for a client as a custom commission, portraying the journey of manifesting her dreams through trusting the process of incubation- patiently waiting for time and space to align with her work.

This piece hung on her wall through the winter, reminding her of the necessity of sacred darkness as part of the journey.

Just as the butterfly grows in the darkness of the chrysalis, and just as the crystal grows in the darkness of the Earth, we too must trust that our wings of manifestation grow strong in the darkness of the unknown before the dream takes flight into reality.

Hang this piece in a place to remind you of your butterfly spirit. You are a co-creator of this Universe, a powerful and necessary contributor to the ongoing becoming of this planet.

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