"Ishvara- Our Cosmic Eye"

"Ishvara- Our Cosmic Eye"


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About the print:

14” x 11”

hand-embellished with gold leaf.

This is a giclee print (museum quality archival inks on cotton paper) of an original. (The original drawing is 24” x 18” using pen and ink, watercolor, and gold-leaf on paper.)

Artist Statement:

I drew this as a custom commission for a client
(email me at marissaquinnart@gmail.com if interested in a custom original), and created it slowly throughout the Spring. Now, as summer begins and this piece is finally complete, I can see its symbolic truths clearly. 

At the top you will see the peony flower in the three stages of its lifecycle- bud, blossom, and flower, symboling the internal stages of spiritual growth. The peonies grow out of clear quartz crystals, which are known to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds while supporting spiritual healing.

The honeybees have built their honeycomb at the base of the quartz cluster where honey oozes and drips amongst the roots of the flowers, depicting the paradox of growth through the darkness of an inner winter. As usual in my work, the honeybees are here as my symbol of the Divine Feminine, healing and connecting all life on Earth. I have drawn them to guide the viewer's spirit into a portal of inner healing.

The rising moon in the background is emerging out of the shadows, on her way to the fullness of an inner summer. She is held in the twinkle of the Universe, the Great Mystery, the Cosmic Eye, Ishvara. 

Spend time with this piece.
Visual mediation. 

May you be filled with the light of life.

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