"Something Different" print honoring Sudan, the last male White Rhino

"Something Different" print honoring Sudan, the last male White Rhino


8" x 8" Giclee print (museum quality printed on cotton watercolor paper)

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One year ago, Katie Buxton and I worked together to create a cover image for her first full-length album. She came up with the idea of honoring the rhino, with the hope that the image could inspire "something different" in humanity. These magnificent creatures remind us of the quiet, but tremendous power that comes from being rooted in your own truth and in touch with the Divine. 

We created a symbolic spin on the rhino image by incorporating symbols that I often use in my own drawings- the sunflower and the honeybee. Sunflowers are a global symbol of peace, first utilized during the Cold War era for a world free of nuclear weapons. Here I drew sunflowers sprouting from the rhino's skin, a holy ground begging for the protection of human peace. The honeybee flies eye-level with the rhino, encouraging healing through her role in pollinating and growing life wherever she lands. She is a symbol of the Divine Feminine and the balance that comes when she is honored- The hum of connection between all life on Earth.

This piece is a plea for us humans to be more like the sunflower and the honeybee- to be workers of light in harmony and peace with our sister and brother creatures on this Earth.   

To Sudan,

May we cherish and hold your precious life as the light that guides us toward healing our world. Rest in peace.


All proceeds will be donated to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where Sudan once lived and passed peacefully.


Check out Katie Buxton and her album by clicking here:


"Something Different" 

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