Create + Radiate 

Art Coaching for Female Artists and Creatives!

Marissa Quinn has a Master's Degree in Fine Art (MFA) and over 4 years of experience working as a professional artist. Marissa wants to share her knowledge and empower you to create and radiate at your highest potential!      

Program 1: Fine Art Critique (1 hour Skype chat)


Together we will take an honest look at your aesthetic goals for a specific piece of art. We will discuss your strengths and weaknesses using the cornerstones of aesthetics, which include your use of line, shape, form, value, and composition within the work. We will then form an action plan for you to finish, resulting in the best piece possible! 


  • Clarity on the direction of your art piece or body of work
  • A look into your studio habits and practices
  • A digital resource package including book recommendations, websites, and art material information catered specifically to your needs and goals

$100 per session   

Program 2: Studio Flow (1 month online intensive)


For female creative entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and designers, this program will focus on your habits and routines in the studio in order to establish a creative flow for your art production. We will explore your habits that do not serve you (such as procrastination, self doubt, and fear) as well as your habits that serve you the most (such as your mind/body connection, setting timers, desk organization) and together we will formulate studio rituals and rules to get you back on track and in the flow!


  • Clarity in the studio
  • Productivity
  • Organization
  • Personalized studio rituals (use of essential oils, meditation, breath work)
  • Self care through mind/body connection 
  • Immediate text/phone/email support during office hours 

$1,000 one month + Free 30 minute trial call before you decide!

(If you just want a little nudge in the right direction without the one month intensive, consider a 1 hour Skype Chat for $100)

Program 3: Create + Radiate! Get past the blocks of your inner critic and tap into your creative spirit! 

(9 week online intensive)  


Get ready to dive deep with me!

This is a 9 week intensive program for the artist or maker who is:

  • Experiencing artist’s block
  • Paralyzed by their inner critic
  • Stuck in fear
  • Struggling to find a truly unique voice or aesthetic in their field
  • Working to create a cohesive body of work and artist statement
  • Just feeling BLAH! about their art 

Together we will reconnect your art and spirit by defining your core values, your goals for your art, and your inspirations while breaking down the walls of fear through exploring the voice of your inner critic. 

Every week you will be creating new artwork in your medium of choice (drawing, painting, sculpture, photos, ceramics, fiber arts, jewelry…), with correlated reading and writing assignments. So be warned! This program requires a time commitment of at least one hour of art-making every day!

Bottom line, this 9 week intensive will reignite your creative spirit so that you can create and radiate at your highest potential! 


  • A new body of work! 
  • An artist statement and new language for describing your work 
  • Goals and action plans for your art business or practice 
  • Tools for dismantling your inner critic 
  • A productive studio practice 
  • A digital package of resources including book recommendations, websites, art history, and art material information. 
  • Immediate text/phone/email support during office hours

$3,000- payment plans of $1,000 per month available

Let's create and radiate together!

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